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The Graduation Chronicles

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Something New
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It has been exactly two months since my last posting.  First, forgive me for the brief before, during and since graduation of my first, last, and only children (twins) has been a whirlwind, to say the least...hence my brief hiatus.

So, let's catch up from where I left off on May 3rd...

The month, weeks and days leading up to graduation were a roller coaster of events and emotions. There were events that I was prepared for emotionally and others that I didn't see coming.  It was a month of "lasts", "final times", and "end of".  For example, at the Senior Night Awards Event, a few days before actual graduation, the school jazz band played and sang "Time Of Your Life" by Green Day. Don't ask me why, but I completely lost it...flood gates fully opened...yeah, didn't see that coming! 

The second flooding was at their Leadership Academy Awards Night.  All was well until they showed the senior slideshow..and there they were on the big screen.  That's when it really sunk in...this is it.

Graduation Commencement was a success...and leave it to the Class of 2017 to be the first class to hold ceremony inside school for the first time in history thanks to our unpredictable Colorado weather.

One final note...being that our last name starts with "Z", we are 9.8 times out of 10 the last person in any alphabetical line.  So my youngest twin was literally the last in line out of 281 students.  She had a great sense of humor with her cap decor..."Last But Not Least"  My older twin had a more personal approach...representing all three states we have lived and she has grown in.  Heartwarming.

Senior Walk Out Day - Their "official" last day of school.

Senior Year - In A SnapShot(s) - Collage Frame - Kirkland's Home

"Through The Years" welcome table at front entry.

...and The Dining Room

Okay, now for the fun stuff.  THANK YOU to all the creative, amazing, inspiring people out there on Pinterest.  I truly don't know how I could have survived grad week without you.  I am quite certain I spent more time planning their grad celebration than I did my own actual wedding.  Heaven help my girls, if they ask me to help plan their weddings!

Here is a compilation of some highlights from the day for you to "Pin", should you be in the need to start planning your grad event a year in advance (like I was guilty of)...

Custom Made Cupcakes in School Colors - King Soopers

Custom Macarons - Whole Foods

"Diploma" Cookies - Pirouette Cookies wrapped in school color ribbon.

Sweets Table

School Spirit and Volleyball Highlights

Various Flavors Starbursts

Various Flavors Ring Pops

Smarties Candies

Custom Printed Mini Blowing Bubbles - Bubble Dispensers - Dollar Tree

Mini Tootsie Rolls

Hershey's Hugs and Kisses

Mini Sour Patch Worms

Beverage Table
Monogrammed Galvanized Buckets - Kirkland's Home
Clear Beverage Dispensers - Wal Mart

Charcuterie Plate - Courtesy of my sister-in-laws Cathy and JoAnne

The Ever Popular Veggie Platter

Orzo Salad With Everything - Recipe Click Here

BLT Macaroni Salad - Recipe Click Here

24 Hour Salad - Recipe Click Here

My Mom's Famous Potato Salad
I don't have recipe, but know her secret ingredient is fresh dill.

Every Portrait From Then 'Til Now - Window Pane Frame - Kirkland's Home

Their First Day of PreSchool

Very Last Day of High School

Congratulations Ladies!

Two Years Ago: Traeger BBQ Beef Ribs
Three Years Ago: Apple Pie Cake

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