Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Croissant French Toast and "The Change"

Not only are we seeing a change of seasons around here...I am also seeing "changes".  I'm sure that may be sharing too much information (TMI) with all of you, but there is much humor in all of it...or at least I'm trying to convince myself anyway.

It started with just a little bit of perspiration on my forehead.  It was however 97 degrees out, so I just chalked it up to really hot weather.  Then the 2:00 am insomniatic wake up call that lasts until 4 am (every night) as I spin around over and over like a Costco Rotisserie Chicken. Followed up with the massive headaches and the laugh/cry/laugh/cry (all in one hour) episodes....add those clues all up and a "change" is a coming!  It's life, it's inevitable and there is nothing that can be done about it except a lot of electric fans, patience and a careful family ( I actually feel really bad for them).

How it feels when my hot flash and night sweats hit...
pure spontaneous combustion at any given moment!
(There's truly no other way to describe it...a picture is worth a thousand words)
(Photo courtesy of Iron Man 3)

I have a ceiling fan blowing on me at night and another large box fan in the window and yet...it's still not enough during "sleep".  My husband is now up to three blankets on him at night, as I won't be satisfied until I wake up with icicles on my eyelashes.  However by the phenomenon and marvels of modern space technology, I discovered a cooling pillow case that was worth every penny!  It actually stays at a comfortable chilled temperature all night long. This miracle fiber that some amazing genious invented (whom I am thoroughly convinced deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for it) is better than sticking my head in any ice bath before I lay me down to sleep.

On those nights that I spend more time sweating than sleeping, I wake up really cranky and hangry! (remember I am burning about 2300 calories a night during my "rotisserie spinning").  I recently treated myself to Croissant French Toast to cheer me up and which made me very happy (as well as my daughter who loves my French Toast...and mom making her breakfast).

There's no secret recipe or ingredients...instead of using your normal bread routine, just cut up mini croissants horizontally...dip and saute away.  Serve with maple sausage links and your favorite eggs (you know, to balance out that buttered slice of Heaven!) and if a little Prosecco accidentally ends up in your orange juice, I won't tell anyone.  Stay "cool" ladies!

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