Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Tree Waffles

Our polar blizzard came in with a vengeance last night...we woke up to a very large blanket of white draped everywhere!...and since it is the weekend, that means one thing...waffles!

My daughter always has one request every weekend...homemade waffles, pancakes or french toast.  I know before she even wakes up that I need to have mixers ready to go on Saturday morning.

In celebration of our morning snowfall, I decided to have some fun with her weekend breakfast and make Christmas tree waffles...they almost even match the snow covered tree in our backyard!

These sweet little trees are so super cute!  They would be perfect (and so easy) to make for your little ones on Christmas morning.  Enjoy!

Christmas Tree Waffles

Waffle mix (your favorite) made according to package directions
green food coloring
sausage links, cooked (tree trunk)
Star fruit, cut in slices (Christmas Star topper)
Trix cereal (tree ornaments)
powder sugar (the snow)

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