Wednesday, August 10, 2016

French Dip Date Night

It had been almost three years to the day since my girls were last at the Pepsi Center in Denver, for a concert. Looking back at their last concert photo, they have changed so much in three years, it's just unreal to me sometimes.

Well, after a long wait of 8 months (they received concert tickets for their birthday last year), the night had arrived...Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas.  Floor seats, nonetheless!!  I don't know how, but the Angels in Heaven above found me amazing (and affordable) seats for these girls.  The problem with having great seats...they will never sit in the "nose bleed sections" again!  I was just impressed that we didn't lose the tickets in those 8 months!

Priceless Smiles!

Fun Sister Memories Forever!

Demi Lovato

Nick Jonas

While our girls were rock'n out (they take after their mom, don't you know) my husband and I hit the big city.  We walked into the LoDo district and wandered around the new Union Station downtown. Once the scary lightning storm passed it ended up being a beautiful evening.

We stumbled onto the Thirsty Lion...which I can now say is probably my new favorite place downtown!!  Super fun atmosphere, extensive menu and awesome service...and the food, WOW!

I am a huge afficianado of The French Dip Sandwich.  I love, love, love these sandwiches and have since forever!  Their sandwich was unbelievable.  They make it with a Ciabatta roll (my new way to make it at home now), Provolone cheese and their Au Jus dipping sauce is infused with rosemary (also my new way to make it at home now). Amazing, just saying!!

My husband had their Fish'n Chips and he was equally impressed.  Yes, we will most definitely be back to the Thirsty Lion when we return to Denver for a future date night.  Cheers!

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