Thursday, February 19, 2015

Purple Potion #49

Today is my birthday and in 364 days I will be half a century old...that depresses me, so I'm trying not to focus on that aspect of the day, but cherish in the fact that I am truly blessed.

My husband brought me the most glorious bouquet of roses last night that I have ever seen, bursting in red and yellow blooms.  This morning my oldest daughter walked into my room and said "Good morning gorgeous, Happy Birthday", while the other daughter said, "How does it feel to be 30?"  God love them, they are quite the charmers...

I have received the sweetest calls, cards and gifts from others far away and really do cherish them all...if any of you are reading this - thank you from my heart!

Earlier this week I was picking up a bottle of wine at our corner shop and stumbled on the most beautiful bottle.  The intense purple color caught my eye and when I picked it up, it had this galaxy swirl going on inside it.  The shimmery liquor is called Viniq and here is how they describe it...

"The irresistible shimmer is what catches your eye before it's even poured in the glass. Our shimmer is the same ingredient that gives frosting its shine on your favorite cake or the sparkle in rock candy. And, like your favorite treats, it's safe to consume! When fused with Premium Vodka, Moscato, and Natural Fruit Flavors, this pearly, edible color elevates our liqueur to the complete package."

Well, it goes without saying, since the birthstone of February is the Amethyst (purple) gemstone, of course I had to buy it to celebrate my birthday month.

So today after a full day at work, running school concession stand tonight with my girls, I will be partaking in a toast to my first half century of life and counting down the next 364 days...Cheers!!

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