Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Seafood and Waterfalls

I decided when I found out we were coming to the islands for our vacation that since we were staying in a condo and eating most meals in that we would treat ourselves to a wonderful tropical dinner for our first night and last night here.

Our first night here we enjoyed an "appetizer" dinner at Tommy Bahamas.  Truly the best of island cuisine. You can't go wrong with their menu for a wonderful tropical experience.

Tommy Bahama's Famous Coconut Shrimp

Their amazing blue crab cakes with chili sauce.

Creamy crab bisque that will amaze.

The next day we went to the other side of the island for waterfall hikes and tours. We started with the Akaka Falls Park and hike in the rain forrest and then headed 30 minutes south to Hilo and the Rainbow Falls Park.

At Akaka Falls we had a really fun and sunny tailgating lunch with some of our rations that we picked up at Costco when we arrived.

After a long hot afternoon we of course had to stop at Komet Kones for a blended ice cream treat for the ride back to Kohala.

Akaka Falls

Hiking through the rain forrest.

Rainbow Falls
In the spirit of our seafood fest we made lobster ravioli that we picked up in town....delish!!

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