Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Champions Dinner at The Masters

It's Masters Week in our household, live from Augusta.  It's a very big deal for my husband every year. Our morning coffee time with our news program has been replaced with every waking second of the "Morning Drive" on the Golf Channel.  He is also already planning our tournament meals for the weekend.  Of course, The Masters cannot be watched without taking in one of their famous pimento cheese sandwiches.  (Stay tuned for that one later this weekend).

Tonight is the Champions Dinner.  The Champions Dinner has been an annual tradition at The Masters since 1952, when Ben Hogan suggested and hosted the first dinner. 

The idea is simple:  Winners of The Masters are members of an exclusive club, so they get together each year on the Tuesday night of tournament week to welcome the previous year's winner to the club.  That club is officially known as the Masters Club, but unofficially the gathering is called the Champions Dinner.  

The previous year's winner get to select the menu (and even bring his own chef, if he chooses) - and he also has to pay for producing that menu. Over the years, the dinner fare has ranged from cheeseburgers to sushi to haggis.  This year Adam Scott, from Australia is expected to serve Moreton Bay 'bugs' (lobster), pavlova (meringue dessert).
So my husband and I were also discussing what other people's dinner selection would be if they were the returning champion.  Since he also has a golf tournament this weekend, I thought about my husband as a Masters Champion and knew the perfect dinner he would select as his favorite choice.

Pine Ridge Epitome Chardonnay

Loaded Garden Salad with
Italian Dressing and Foccacia Croutons

Puttanesca over Penne
and Roasted Italian Sausages

Belle Glos Pinot Noir

Apple Pie with
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

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