Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hot Chili Mamma Salsa

Well, we are nearing the end of our gardening.

The tomatoes and peppers are truly in full bloom and a beautiful assortment of colors in the morning and evening.

When my husband goes out at sunrise he comes in with bountiful bowls of beautiful fruits and vegetables.  Just when we thought that was it, we come home and he refills the same bowls.

There was only one thing to do with the tomatoes, peppers and green onions....Salsa baby!!

Unfortunately our circa 1994 "Las Vegas Home Show Salsa Maker" (come on, I know everyone has been talked into buying one of these at one time or another)...finally had enough, so we had to resort doing a rough chop on everything and putting it in our 25 year old Cuisinart processor to finish the task.  The result was amazing!!!  Best salsa ever!!

Now mind you, my husband and daughter like a lot of heat in their salsa and somehow we were able to find a middle ground here...thank goodness.  Even with the extra added heat of the peppers though, I cannot stay out of the bowl and I just keep inhaling this with the salty chips and homemade guacamole.  Of course a nice Milagro Margarita helps cool it down.

Here's to the end of summer.....cheers!

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