Sunday, July 21, 2013

Colorado and Pickling Cucumbers

We recently moved to Colorado after living most of our lives in Southern California (via 16 months in Alaska).  Colorado has all the beauty and nature of Alaska with the added bonus of many shopping amenities of Southern California to curb my addiction to dishes, tablecloths, kitchen accessories, cookbooks, candles... (I think you get the picture).

Here in Colorado we have a farm (well, most people probably call it a simple backyard garden), but to us it's our first year of crops.  Now I must explain that the only thing I have successfully grown in my life, is my hips.  So, for us to actually have vegetables and herbs abundantly in our backyard for the picking is quite an accomplishment.

Herbs Galore
This week we harvested our first batch of cucumbers for my husband's famous pickles.  Mark and my daughter absolutely love to eat pickles.  Whole, spears, chips and name it, they LOVE their dill pickles. Amy has requested the "surfboard" cut of choice for our first batch we are making.  I think it's a cross between stacker and chip styles. (She may be on to something here!!)

So, now that we have cucumbers and dill ready in our "ranch", today was pickle day.  I know there are probably just short of thousands of pickle recipes out there and believe me I think he has tried them all.  His is simple though, he adds crushed garlic, whole peppercorns and a few slices jalapeno peppers (for a little kick) to the fresh dill - the end result is pure heaven.

Mandoline For Men
Only The Freshest Will Do

Feel The Heat
Lined Up And Ready For The Brine

See you in 6 weeks!

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